Get in a spin with Twista Mop from JML. Thanks to its unique self-wringing mechanism you can drain your mop the easy way! Made from super-absorbent microfibre, Twista Mop makes short work of big spills! It's so much easier than draining your mop in a clunky wringer bucket! Twista Mop never gets into a tangle with its unique design that holds all the mop strands together.

Who wants to unknot wet tangles from a dirty mop head? The built-in wringer pulls the strings extra tight and twists them a full 360 degrees, locking out water for less drips! And it absorbs water evenly, so there are no puddles or dry spots. Plus the special scourer tip is great for getting stuck into those tough, dried-on surface stains.

It works wonders on tiles, vinyl, hardwood and wood laminate floors: or any hard surface! Twista Mop is effortless to use and easy to store! It twists up into a cylindrical shape, making it compact enough to tuck away.

Microfibreself-wringing mop 82% polyester and 18% Nylon, Super absorbent microfibre, Scourer tip for stubborn marks, Gentle on surfaces, No need for a wringer in the bucket, Just twist to dry, No more drips or tangles, Neat to store with handy hook hanger

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